RE.BI.GAS is equipped with hi-tech systems, five cylinder/tank production lines, and provides a complete service far LPG distribution companies.

We at RE.BI.GAS h ave always paid special attention to the environment.

We have been the first company in ltaly to powder coat cylinders, banning all diluents and liquid coatings.

We at RE.BI.GAS carry out our activities across a 5,100 m2 covered area and a 60,000 m2 courtyard, where we store tanks and cylinders waiting to be processed;


  • We are one of the major companies specialising in refurbishment of LPG tanks of up to 13 cubic metres;
  • Our customers come from Italy and all over the world;
  • We rely on qualified suppliers;
  • Our in-house technical department manages all the authorisation and testing-related procedures with authorised national bodies and coordinates the activities of authorised Technicians who carry out tests with level I and II UT methods;
  • We collect and deliver tanks to customers;
  • We provide the possibility to have a dedicated space for storing and redistributing tanks to different destinations depending on our customers' logistics requirements;
  • Degassing;
  • Requalification;
  • Tank scrapping (if required);
  • Hydraulic testing at 25.2 bar;
  • Sandblasting;
  • We recondition LPG tanks including the CE requalification;
  • We purchase used tanks provided that they are suitable for being retested;